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  • DITAV Statesman

    Ever since the technical advances in sound & moving images of the 1930’s Hollywood has been one of the most visible and controversial businesses in America, The Statesman is a frame celebrating Hollywood’s Golden Age of creativity, contention, and timeless iconic style.

  • DITAV Ripley

    Dita Ripley glasses come with a sturdy Metal frame. The Dita Ripley eyeglasses feature a Brown frame and standard lenses.

  • DITAV Lexington

    These Dita Lexington eyeglasses come in a trendy Black Swirl Matte Black. The Lexington frame is made of Acetate.

  • DITAV Edinburgh

    With Dita Edinburgh glasses, you can have perfectly clear vision without sacrificing style.The sophisticated Edinburgh glasses are Rectangle style and are crafted from Acetate.

  • DITAV Informer

    Optical frame made of Japanese acetate with stainless steel internal structure.